Kids Classes

Kids Classes

Our unique children’s programs use interesting and enjoyable methods to keep student’s attention and to teach skills that they can use for a lifetime. We have developed three age specific children's programs. When developing these programs we made sure to take into consideration the specific areas of development of the students so the technique being taught are age appropriate.

Little Grasshoppers
Ages 4 - 5

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Kempo Youth Program
Ages 6 - 9

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Kempo Junior Program
Ages 10 - 15

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Jiu-Jitsu Junior
Ages 10 - 15

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Academy Statutes

I shall observe the TRAITS of the US Martial Arts Academy!

I shall honor my parents and family!

I shall respect my instructor and seniors!

I shall never misuse the martial arts!

I shall be a soldier of freedom and justice!

Academy Traits






Self Control


Black Belt Success Cycle

Know what you want

Have a plan, and a success coach

Take constant action

Review your progress

Renew your goals

Statutes and Traits, along with the focus on goal setting, self- discipline, concentration and a positive attitude are the cornerstone to the success of our students. The Academy’s belt promotion system is based on the principle of constant and never ending improvement towards Black Belt excellence. Self-confidence and improved self-esteem are developed through a series of winning experiences. Students will earn new belts and patches for their uniform.

The martial arts belts represent short-term goals, stepping stones towards the achievement of the most sought after belt; the BLACK BELT. Students set their goals and work for them, achieve them and set new goals.

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