Adult Kempo Karate

Adult Kempo Karate

Praise, encouragement and positive reinforcement are common place in the Academy. Classes are enjoyable, entertaining and planned to ensure the attention of the students and have everyone wanting to come back for more.

Are You Ready to Have Fun?

Another reason our adult program is so successful is because we make the classes fun and exciting. We learned a long time ago that if people are having fun, they learn much faster. Setting and achieving goals, getting in shape, and building martial arts skills provide for an exciting experience.

Physical Benefits of our Program:

  1. Increased strength and stamina boost energy so you feel great all day.
  2. Increased flexibility and weight control for better overall fitness.
  3. Excellent cardiovascular workout; keeps you in good health!
  4. Improved reflexes and coordination which increases your performance in all physical activities.

Adult Karate Class Times

All Ranks

Tues: 7:45-8:45

Thurs: 7:45-8:45

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