Martial Arts Classes

Our Martial Arts Classes

Adult/Teen Martial Arts

The reason our Adult /Teens programs are so successful is because we make the classes fun and exciting.  We learned a long time ago that if people are having fun, they learn much faster.  Setting and achieving goals, getting in shape, and building martial arts skills together provides for an energizing, supportive motivating atmosphere.

Physical benefits:

  1. Increased strength, stamina and energy so you feel great all day.
  2. Increased flexibility and weight control for overall fitness.
  3. Excellent cardiovascular workout helps keep you in good health!
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Kids Martial Arts

Our unique kids’ programs use interesting and enjoyable methods to keep students’ attention.  We have developed age specific children’s programs while taking into consideration the specific areas of development of the students so the techniques being taught are age appropriate.  Our mission is to help children to learn how to focus on goal setting, self-discipline and concentration while motivating the students with an encouraging positive attitude, which is the cornerstone to the success of our students.   These fundamentals are instilled as they learn martial arts techniques as beginners as they grow into novice and then advanced student curriculums and beyond.  The sky is the limit!  Never quit!

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