Kids Martial Arts

Kids Martial Arts

The Little Grasshopper program is designed for ages 4 & 5.  This special program was developed for the special needs of this impressionable age group.  The students wear special uniforms and have special belt colors to add to the excitement of their class.  Their curriculum consists of techniques that help with focus, listening, following directions, balance, motor skill development and coordination.  We also cover some very important areas of safety such as what to do if you get lost, stranger danger and awareness.


The Youth Program is designed for ages 6-9.  The curriculum consists of self-defense, punches, and kicks.  We teach verbal self-defense and how to defeat the bully.  We also promote and inspire goal-setting, fitness, and being a positive role model to others.


Praise, encouragement, and positive reinforcement are common place in the Academy.  Classes are enjoyable, entertaining and planned to ensure the attention of the students and have everyone wanting to come back for more.


FOR CHILDREN                         

Martial Arts classes are a great way for kids to exercise, make new friends, develop positive “life skills” and have a ton of fun.  Classes are held in a modern and safe facility, held by certified instructors specially trained to teach children.


KIDS MARTIAL ARTS PROGRAMS                      

At US Martial Arts Academy, we help busy parents build successful children through our super fun martial arts classes.  With our instructors that truly care and super flexible schedule, children build life-skills to help them grow up to be successful young adults!


We help children build Confidence to stand up for themselves and overcome Peer Pressure.


We are also the Perfect Activity for children who “don’t fit in” with other sports or activities.


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